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Does that taste like noodles?

7/31/08 11:13 pm


I DO NOT.... I'M NOT....

THESE PEOPLE NEED TO DIE!(OOC: Friends posed for this.. It had to be done! )Collapse )
What are these people thinking!! I HAVE A REPUTATION TO KEEP!!

7/30/08 10:56 pm

It's none of Kagome's buisness whether I hit shippo or not. Meh! She shouldn't have taken away my noodles....

Does anyone else have anything that tastes as good as noodles? or better yet, has noodles to give me?

6/30/08 07:59 pm - fandom

Guess I was bound to find at least one video that I like on this interweb network thing...
Read more...Collapse )

6/30/08 07:48 pm - At the beach with Kagome

I don't know what all the people in the village are saying, Kagome can't swim to save her life.  The whole time she was in the ocean I had to stay near her to make sure she didn't drift down current and drown.

5/31/08 10:37 pm - fandom

I don't know if I'm more angry or disturbed at this video...


5/14/08 09:15 pm - HELP!!!

Kagome's grandfather is freakin crazy!!!  For the past two days he has had me mixing something he calls "seament", whatever the hell that stuff is...  It is just not worth it, if he keeps making me mix and pour this stuff I'll go back to the fuedal era where it's safe.

4/26/08 09:22 am - fandom

Is someone following me?? What kind of sick joke is this?? HA, i knew it Kagome, you DID play with my ears!!

4/2/08 10:33 pm - In Kagomes time once again

Kagome has another one of those test things, and I'm stuck waiting for her again.  At least this time she let me go outside, but I had to wear this hat which really hurts my ears after a while...stupid hat.

3/30/08 08:58 pm - fandom

The daily pain of a half demon.

3/11/08 10:21 pm - Kagome finally taught me

Kagome finally taught me how to type and punctuate stuff.  Finally I am back to normal again, though Kagome still wants to stay in her world a while longer so I'm stuck in this accursed world.
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